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They may be small, but their influence is massive. These 1 year old poodle mixes are taking the social world by storm. Known for their trend setting ways, these little puppers have cemented their place as style icons. They're simply living their best life while bringing followers through their day to day journey. They resonate with followers by bringing the daily dose of cute, humour and fun in the most relatable way. With their influence, our goal is to bring smiles and share experiences with other dog families. Their success as influencers,  inspired us to start the brand 'Little Maggie & Co,' a dog accessories company catering to dogs of all sizes

Born in August 2018, Maggie the maltipoo is a sassy fashionista. Always wearing the latest trends, Maggie is never afraid to set her own trends.  Described by her followers as the epitome of class and elegance, Maggie's personality is the opposite. Maggie is that goofy energizer bunny. Have you heard of the phrase - sweet but psycho? That is the perfect definition of Maggie. Maggie understands humans more than humans understand humans. Teach Maggie something and she will conquer. Her wit seems to know no bounds.

Born April 2019 this little teddy bear dog is as sweet and cuddly as he looks. Cody is playful and friendly and always ready to pose for pictures. His passion for treats makes him the most enthusiastic performing tricks. He loves to dress up and you will see him sporting the man bun and twinning with his sister Maggie. Where you see Maggie, you'll see Cody not far behind.  Physically the biggest of all his siblings, Cody is the most submissive because he just wants peace. Always willing to walk away from a fight, Cody is the gentle giant.

Brady the youngest sibling born May 2019, is everyone's favourite bad boy.  Fetch is life, is the perfect description for Brady. He doesn't enjoy modelling as much as his siblings but he can play ball all day long. If he could pick his own career, he'd join the NHL league and probably take home the Stanley Cup. Sweet but dominating, Brady can be quite a handful. At the end of the day, this bad boy has an abundance of sweetness to make your heart melts. 


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